Aşık Ahmet is seen playing a well known tune above a high mountain. The young men join him and they start a contest. Their youngest, Emrah, defeats them all but he fails to succeed against his father Aşık Ahmet. He accepts Aşık Ahmet’s mastership and leaves his musical instrument at his feet and retreats from the contest. Being very sad, hè pleads to God and
his pleas are heard by the dervis Hazret-i-Pir.

He decides to help him. Only real love can set his heart on fire. After great difficulties, hè will become a real musician and will be abie to express his sentiments. Dervis shows him a phantom and Emrah is struct by her beauty. Emrah starts playing his instrument and every place is filled with music.


It is sunrise and the market place has slowly filled with people. Emrah enters the square with his friends. Miroglu Bey passes with his escort and is bowed to by the crowd. Selvihan greets her father with her girlfriends. Emrah sees her and is bewitched. He realises that the phantom hè saw is none other than Selvihan. They fall in love with each other at first sight. Selvihan goes away and the Dervis tells Emrah to go into the house and realize the power
of love.

Miroglu is preparing for a feast in his house. He is meeting Kara Vezir. Selvihan is with her friends. Emrah can not detach his attention away trom Selvihan. Kara Vezir enters with his soldiers and gives his host presents amongst which is a sword. Şah Abbas sees Selvihan and falls in love with her. Kara Vezir demands that, Şah Abbas, and Selvihan get married. Miroglu accepts. Selvihan looks at Emrah in despair.

A garden in Miroglu’s house. Selvihan is in great distress. Her heart belongs to Emrah. Emrah appears in front of her. He wants to bid farewell. They fall into each others arms and speak about their mutual love. Şah Abbas sees that hè is betrayed. His soldiers abduct Selvihan and beat up Emrah.


Şah Abbas celebrates his victory in his palace. Selvihan rejects him because her heart belongs to someone else. Şah Abbas wants to have her by force. She attampts to stab herselfbut is stopped by the soldiers. Then she is put in prison. Dervishes enter the palace. One of them throws away his cloak. He is Emrah. He saves Selvihan from prison and they flee from the palace together.
Şah Abbas, in great fury, sends his soldiers to catch them. The lovers beg Miroglu to save them. Miroglu is deeply moved by Emrah's courage. He proposes a duel. The one who wins will have Selvihan. Miroğlu throws the sword given by Kara Vezir as a gift and they begin to fight.Swords are helpless against the power of music.But while Kara Vezir
is killing Miroğlu,by a mistake Selvihan who rushes between him and her father will be stabbed by the sword of Şah Abbas. Şah Abbas retreats in horror.Emrah with his musical instrument and Şah Abbas with his sword start a duel..


Miroglu mourns over his dead daughters body. Emrah’s grief is endless. Holy Derviş tells that
their love must live through music. Selvihan will be Emrah's muse forever.
Emrah takes his instrument and starts playing. All the other Aşıks join him.